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Tempozan Ferris Wheel
Osaka Museum of History
Umeda Sky Building, Floating Garden Observatory
Osaka Castle

Osaka, Japan

Osaka (8 Days)
Trip Comment:
Osaka is a source of bubbling cultural energy, beauty and historical richness. The central business district is at the northern hub of Umeda, just three stops south on the Midosuji subway line from the Shin-Osaka. Three stops south, the Midosuji subway line will bring you to Shinsaibashi, the center of Osaka's youth scene.
Main events: Museum of Oriental Ceramics; Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan; Osaka Dome; Tennōji Zoo; JOYPOLIS; National Museum of Art; Osaka Science Museum; Utsubo Park; (株)ブリーゼアーツ; Osaka Museum of History; Osaka Prefectural Government Sakishima Building; Tempozan Ferris Wheel; Umeda Sky Building, Floating Garden Observatory; コスモタワー展望台; FamilyMart Dotonbori; Hōzen-ji Temple; Kemasakuranomiya Park; Nanbayasaka Shrine; Osaka Castle; Ikukunitama Shrine; Namba Hatch; Nanba Shrine; Osaka Prefectural Nakanoshima Library; Zama Shrine; Imamiyaebisu Shrine; Nagai Park; Shitennoji; Yasui Shrine; 吉本興業(株) なんばグランド花月; Apple Store; Museum of Natural History; Tsutenkaku; あべのハルカス; Universal Studios Japan;

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Magic Kingdom Park
Orlando, United States
Orlando (17 Days)

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St. Basil s Cathedral
Moscow (3 Days)

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Vancouver Lookout
Vancouver (7 Dias)

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Auckland Domain
Auckland (7 Days)

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  Santiago, Chile 11 Days

Places: Santiago (11 Days)
Main events: Chilean National Zoo; Estadio Corfo; Parque Juan XXIII; Chilean National Museum of Fine Arts; Costanera Center; Municipalidad de Vitacura; Santa Lucía Hill; Entel Tower; Ex Congreso Nacional; Observatorio Astronómico Nacional; Parque de las Esculturas; Plaza de Armas; Plaza de la Constitución; Estadio Nacional; Fantasilandia; Museo Colo-Colo; Museo Nacional Aeronautico y Del Espacio; Parque República de Brasil; Catedral de Santiago; La Moneda Palace; Museo Ferroviario; Parque Quinta Normal; Valle Nevado; Santuario de La Naturaleza El Arrayán; Santuario de La Naturaleza Hierba Loca; Parque Aguas de Ramón; Gabriela Mistral Cultural Center; Museo Ralli; Palacio Cousino; Teatro Municipal; Titanium La Portada; Costanera Center; Parque Acuático Acuapark El Idilio;
Trip items: 1;    33;   
Trip Comment:

Santiago is a city that occupies the fertile central valley of Chile between the Andes and the coast, with the Mapocho River crossing the city from east to west. The most remarkable thing about Santiago, with its five million inhabitants, is perhaps its diversity. Santiago is now an extensive urban environment with skyscrapers and modern telecommunications networks. Check it out this trip plan including the Vale Nevado a beautiful view of Andes.

  9 days in Paris - France 9 Days

  Brazil - Fortaleza + Jericoacoara 9 Days

Places: Fortaleza (5 Days); Jijoca de Jericoacoara (4 Days)
Main events: Planetário Rubens de Azevedo; Theatro José de Alencar; praia de iracema; Morro Branco; Cumbuco; Pirata Bar; Beach Park; Canoa Quebrada; Lagoa Grande; Pedra Furada; Vila Bela Vista Preá; Tatajuba;
Trip items: 2;    2;    12;   
Trip Comment:

Fortaleza with Jericoacoara - Nature and beautiful beaches.



  Seoul 8 Days

Places: Seoul (8 Dias)
Main events: Deoksugung; Namdaemun; Seoul World Cup Stadium; Gyeonghuigung; Jongmyo Shrine; Seoul Olympic Park and Museum; Bongeunsa; Myeongdong Cathedral; Namsangol Hanok Village; Seoul Arts Center; Seoul Forest; Blue House; Changdeokgung; Chongdong Theater; National Folk Museum of Korea; Seoul Museum of Art; 조계사 - Jogyesa Buddhist Temple; 한국가구박물관; 63빌딩; N Seoul Tower; National Museum of Korea; Coex Aquarium; Jamsil Baseball Stadium; Konkuk University; Gyeongbokgung Palace; 올림픽주경기장; Lotte World;
Trip items: 1;    27;   
Trip Comment:

Seoul can be divided into numerous smaller districts with their own distinct character. Your primary landmark is the Han River, which runs east to west and bisects the metropolis. Jongno forms the center to the north, surrounded by five main tourist districts, and there are two other districts of interest to visitors to the south, all of which are easy to access by the convenient and economical subway system. Check ouy this 8 days trip plan in Seoul.

  Marrakesh, Morocco. 2 Days


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