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  Caracas, Venezuela

Places: Caracas Metropolitan District (5 Days)
Main events: Catedral de Caracas; Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Sofía Imber; Paseo de los Próceres; Poliedro de Caracas; Zoológico; Ciudad Universitaria; Jardín Botánico de Caracas; Museo Bolivariano; Parque Los Caobos; Teatro Municipal de Caracas; Centro Banaven; El Calvario; Galería de Arte Nacional; Helicoide De Caracas; Plaza O Leary; Arco de la Federación; Centro Cultural Chacao; Teatro Teresa Carreño; Teleférico Warairarepano; Museo del Transporte Guillermo José Schael; Parque Los Chorros;
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Caracas, a city of great diversity, offers visitors a wide range of scenery. The different areas of the city make it an exciting and interesting metropolis where tradition and modernism become one. Caracas has an excellent transport system: there is an intricate network of roads that cross the city from east to west and north to south; an exceptional underground transportation system known as El Metro de Caracas , which is considered one of the world's tidiest and most modern, with many stations all over the city; and bus routes known as Metrobus, which connect the metro stations with some of the more remote neighborhoods. Check it out this trip plan in Caracas, Venezuela.

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