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  Roma 4 days

Places: Rome (4 Days)
Main events: Capanne del Palatino; Capitoline Museums; Colosseum; Domus Aurea; Roman Forum; Trajan Forum; L Eau Vive; Sistine Chapel; St Peter s Square; Vatican Museums; Campo De Fiori; Gelateria San Crispino; Palazzo Altemps; Pantheon; Piazza Navona; Piazza di Spagna; Sant Eustachio; St Maria Sopra Minerva Basilica; Trevi Fountain; Via Condotti; Borghese Gallery and Museum; National Etruscan Museum; Osteria Pizzeria Da Ivo Di Zolezzi Silvano; Piazza di Spagna; Pincio; Santa Maria in Cosmedin; Trastevere; Villa Borghese; Zoological Gardens;
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4 days in Roma with the most visited sightseeing places of the city.

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